(A Registered Society for Promotion of Biogas Technology in India)

Movement for Promotion of Biogas and Biofertilizer in India

Biogas Forum – India (BigFIN)

Biogas Forum India was formed in 2006 and formally registered on 23rd February, 2010 as a National Technical Society as a movement for promotion of Biogas & Biofertilizer in India. India’s biogas experience is the oldest in the world. India was a pioneer in the area of biogas technology. Government of India started National Biogas Development Programme (NBDP) in 1981. The programme which is now called Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) through which more than 4.3 million biogas plants have been installed in the country till December, 2010. Technology has been upgraded continuously still there are various areas in which we have to create our strength to make a success. Recently Government of India has significantly increased the financial support for family size biogas plant and also operating many schemes mainly Biogas Fertilizer Plant (BGFP), Biogas Power Generation Programme (BGFP), Recovery of Energy from Industrial Wastes, Recovery of Energy from Urban Wastes, Demonstration of Integrated Technology Package on Biogas-Fertilizer Plants (BGFP) for Generation, Purification/ Enrichment, Bottling and Piped Distribution of Biogas, Establishment of Business Model for Demonstration of an Integrated Technology Package for creation of smokeless villages using biogas/ bio-energy systems and meeting ‘Life-line Energy’ envisaged in ‘Integrated Energy Policy’, R&D and technology development in biogas, bio-fertilizer and bio-energy refinery.

Biogas Forum aims towards developing a conducive environment which can facilitate biogas programmes implementation in an efficient and sustainable manner in the country with the participation of scientist, policy makers, implementing agency, entrepreneur, field workers, beneficiaries, Government agencies etc.